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How to Make 200$ a day with sneaky CPA Funnel

Hi Abdullah here, thank you so much for checking my blog, I have put a lot of work into this to show you in as much detail as possible the exact steps I took from having no strategy to become successful as a Cpa affiliate in less than a day.


What you need to succeed is: knowledge + action
You will have the first one here (knowledge). Taking action is yours. If you don’t act you won’t see anything. Sorry to say that. But i wanted to make it very clear to you.


The Best CPA networks

Some offers or apps could bring you between $0.1 to $15 per completed action. And they could be found on the most popular CPA networks. And absolutely free to join. I would advice to choose one and stick to it as a newbie.
 Maxbounty


The Best Cpa funnel:

Let’s assume this :
We spent $20 to get traffic (100 targeted clicks) to promote a Cpa offer that pays $2/completed action.
 The common ways
Generally here is how people promote Cpa offers :
o They drive traffic to their landing page (a squeeze page/ a presell page/ a site…) and as soon as the prospect join their mailing list, he is redirected to the Cpa offer. This method works. But it’s less profitable than my funnel one.
 From 100 clicks we got 40 options.
 For 37% conversion rate we got 15 completed actions.
 That’s $30 as revenue
 $10 Profit, we’re in profit.

o Some drive traffic directly to the offer and get generally less than 10% conversion rate.
 From 100 clicks we got 10 completed actions
 That’s $20 as revenue
 $0 no loss no profit. We’re not in business. 

Let me share with you the step by step guide to build your very first Sneaky Cpa Funnel So you can get leads  as soon as today

 The new way to crash Cpa commissions

You need a sneaky CPA funnel in place before driving traffic.


What’s a « sneaky CPA funnel » ?

A sneaky CPA funnel is a funnel built around multiple CPA offers that allows to double or even triple your « profits » from the same traffic. It almost helps you to make commissions for FREE.

The tools:

You would need following tools in order to set up your sneaky cpa funnel :
 Aweber
 A site (domain name) and/or clickfunnel
 Clickmagic
 3 to 4 cpa offers

The process:

The philosophy: we drive our targeted 100 clicks to landing page. Their very first click leads to offers. The first is a CPA offer ($2 if completed) and the second is our optin page. And if we keep the same stats, here is what we have :
 From 100 clicks we got 40 options.
 Every option leads is redirected to a confirmation page where click will be multiplied by 2 again. The first for another CPA offer ($2 if completed) and the second goes to the thank you page.
 We all 2 Cpa offers on that page to get completed. $2/action.
 Roughly we could make $2+$2+(2*$2)=$8/lead
 That’s over $320 for all those 40 optins. Not mention that you still could promote offers thorugh a 5 day email series.
 Profit is $300 and we’re building our list for FREE.

That’s what we call « sneaky CPA funnel ». That funnel helps to bank $6-8$/lead from a $2 CPA offer. The higher payout the better.

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