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How to make money online by giving reviews on products

This method is based on reviews comparing the top 5 or 10 products or services in an area and your recommendation for a particular product based on your vision.


What is required of you to succeed this method?

Domain EMD like
Prepare a comprehensive review of each of the ten sites
Drive Pack Linux or drive – driven choice for you.


First Domain: You will need to register a domain with the keyword you are targeting and preceded by Top10 or Top5 and also advise you to hide your registration information through Whois Guard.

Second Hosting: Any medium hosting will do the job because you will not get a large traffic, but Traffic is targeted to the maximum degree and this is what brings profits, I recommend Arvixe for reasonable prices and high quality.

Third, the script: You should use a script for Top reviews, not WordPress. I highly recommend this great Reviews Script for only $ 15 and installing it on the server is very easy.

Fourth: The source of profits: You must participate in large advertising networks to get the rights to marketing sites and major services and these networks in order are: –

Commission Junction

V. Marketing for your site: There are several ways to market these sites, but the most effective and fastest return is the PPC, then use Google Adwords to advertise your site in the search engine Google target some words related to the keyword you target for several days can come to you with the return of sheep.

I recommend you if you have a Google Adwords coupon and you have not used it until today only pay $ 25 to activate it and use it for $ 100, use it for 3 days and see the returns you will get from using this wonderful way.


The second way: Sponsored Ads on Facebook This is also a very proven and effective method in marketing for such sites in a short period. Here I am not talking about Sponsored posts but I am talking about ads that appear directly in the Sid Bar or below the different postcards. Or one site is 10 times as much as you spend on advertising.

Sixth: Utilizing Video Marketing: Go to Odesk and apply for a new Video Production service. It may be expensive to do some professional service, but its returns are also great. Based on my personal experiences, maybe one video is watched by 1,000 people bringing you 100 The conversion process is $ 150 for example: $ 15,000.





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