How to make good Income with CPA content locker

In this easy to implement guide, I’m going to show you my secret blueprint to instantly earn big cash from Cpagrip
To start making money with Cpa content locker, first, sign up with Cpagrip as an affiliate. If you have already signed up as an affiliate marketer then you have to skip this step.
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This may seem very stupid and simple, but it works pretty well. At the end of this method there is a tweak to help you make this in 2 minutes with a little investment.
First off, what’s great about this method:

1. Highly scalable. If you upload just one video per day, that’s 30 videos per month = $1500 per month ($50/month average per video which is pretty modest)

2. Long term. One video I did this way has been earning me consistently since June 2016.
3. Newbie friendly.
4. I applied it myself and it WORKED, not just re-posting something I found elsewhere.
What you’ll need:
1. A YouTube Account
2. A CPA Account
3. A decent internet connection to upload videos (not necessary if you’re gonna apply the twist at the end of the thread)
4. Probably less than an hour at any given time you’d like to apply it.

1. [Most Important Step!] Take the time to think of a highly demanded “download” that is relatively old but still getting huge demand.

You can do this by searching songs (games, movies, anything!) on YouTube that are still getting comments till this date and has been uploaded in 2010 for example. (minimizes the chance of youtube taking it down A LOT)

2. Grab the video and do some edits in Camtasia Studio. We just don’t want it to look like an exact duplicate.

2. [VERY IMPORTANT] Upload a landing page to your server, blogger blog, whatever. Should have a catchy design, simply put a big photo of the album/game whatever and list a bunch of features below it. Refrain from using any paragraphs or so, just list in bullet points. Now insert a download button and lock it down using a gateway.

4. Upload the video and use a description like “Since 2010 and they continue to be my
favorite band! Awesome song. Btw you can download the FULL album in high quality mp3 through this site: [landing page link]”

5. Ensure you use annotations in the video to direct your visitors attention to the video description, this really helps skyrockets conversions.

6. Now your final step is some video promotion. To drive tens of thousands of visitors I simply used: youtube likes, comments, social bookmarking and bought yt views to give initial boost. Outsource them all from fiverr. Set the comments on manual approval and only approve positive comments (you will get many, believe me)

7. Rinse and Repeat! May seem complicated but by practice you get to do it pretty fast and it works. Ensure you use annotations, a landing page and stuff that is relatively old
but still highly demanded. All of this has its advantages. One more advantage of old stuff is there will be much much less competition trying to get setup cpa gateways on old stuff. Everyone is running after new things

Alternative method – investment required

I don’t remember if this was posted before but it works pretty well and requires almost no offer.
1. Find popular downloads as outlined above. Open a bunch of them in new tabs. Also the older the video the better. Try to ensure that the most recent comment is less than a week ago.

2. Now open all the uploaders profiles of those videos and see the last time they signed in. If it’s more than a week ago, I don’t bother

3. PM them proposing to replace their download links with yours (cpa locked) in exchange for a flat weekly/monthly fee.

4. Many will reject, but many will also agree . It’s free money for them.

5. Rinse and REPEAT!

1. There is also a nasty way to increase chances to uploader agreeing to put your link. You can report his as copyright crap (on hotifle…etc) then offer him yours. He may just be too lazy to reupload and see it’s cool opportunity to save effort, keep his vid alive and get free money!


2. Occasionally you’ll find uploaders with VERY popular videos but no matter what you do they’ll only agree on posting a “mirror”. In that case, just signup with fileserve or
anything and mirror his file. You’ll still earn quite a bit, of course not like CPA but worth if the video is a goldmine. Also if you want to go down the mirror road, you often won’t have to pay anything as the uploader considers it some free “help” from you.
Sorry I know was kind of a long thread. Maybe the very bases of the method were laid out before but I’m sure the twists weren’t!
Good luck , Don’t give up

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